“Stop and do it right the first time”

… so like any homeowner I’ve had to fix a toilet or two in my time.  When a task comes up at work – I am the guy who is always saying “stop and do it right the first time”… so of course I am also the guy who doesn’t take his own advice on household chores.

So back to my toilet.   The tank was constantly running.  It’s a 15 year old toilet so I knew right away that the parts in the tank with the “5 year warranty” probably needed replacing…   Call me “Powers of Deduction Man!” – my superpower is knowing the obvious.

So I run off to my local Home Depot and get a kit… do i get  complete kit? nah. I grab the kit with just the most common pieces.

An hour later i’ve replaced the parts, and while things are better – I have a slow leak from the top tank into the bowl (not the floor thankfully).  Which I attempt to patch.     Six months later… my leak is back.  And it quickly gets … worse.

So back to Home depot for the … other half of the kit.    So kids – the lesson here..

“Stop and do it right the first time”